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our vision.

Only music of the European tradition is commonly referred to as “classical music”, the musical traditions of other continents are hereby usually largely ignored. How can this narrow vision, which has been solidified over centuries, be expanded or even completely dissolved? Who plays classical music today – and for whom, where and why?

Together with over 200 artists, the non-profit association develops formats and concert programs that are intended to provide possible answers to these questions. With an iterative approach and in cooperation with various communities, guerillaclassics addresses current cultural and socio-political issues and challenges unquestioned traditions. Through this process artistic concepts at the cutting edge evolve performed by artists who have something to say – or to put it in Nina Simone’s words: “How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?”

The aim of guerillaclassics is to create encounters that inspire, open up new perspectives and expand the horizons of all those involved through disruptive concert formats, interdisciplinary collaborations and a wide variety of participants throughout the process of the action. One of the important requirements to reach this goal is the cultural diversity of today’s society that has to be reflected in the structures of the concert business and its processes – be it on stage, behind the scenes, in the program development and last but not least in the audience.